Zoomer! Jeepers! - a shoebox made into a Jeep for the dolls

A stylish jeep for Barbie style dolls. We've used that pearlescent acrylic paint again. Bella mixed this gorgeous sparkly cerise by mixing silver with pearlescent pink. We've made a real windscreen by sandwiching some cutout clear plastic food packaging in card. That's what we love about junk modelling, having to work out how to use waste imaginatively. And the body was painted in white water-based emulsion paint. Again we had to wait a day for everything to dry and we flattened the painted card under a pile of cook books...but it was worth the wait!

Made using the Junko Zoomer! Kit.

Video coming soon.


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Shoe box

Cereal packet card

Clear plastic food packaging

Juice carton pots

Pill packaging

Drinking straws


You can use different stuff - but always check with an adult that whatever you use is ok