There's nothing like building your own Doll's House

Don't just buy a new dolls' house... why not have some fun and make one from junk? After all, there's always loads of empty boxes
after birthdays and Christmas to use.

The JUNKO Build! Kit frees you to build more creatively, more quickly and more strongly... and... it's a great activity for grown ups and kids to do together.

One of the fab things about making your own dolls' house, is you get to design it exactly how you want it... it's the perfect time to let your imagination run wild.

You can see how we made ours in this video. The first part is the inside and furniture and second part is the outside, roof, floor & windows.

The JUNKO Build! Kit's reusable clips and fixings (made from recycled plastic) also mean you don't need to use as much sellotape and glue... which is little better for the planet.

It's an ongoing project, we're still beavering away, improving and adding stuff too :)

And you can see here how the Good Toy Guide rated the kit (spoiler, it got their highest rating)


Big corrugated box

Juice cartons

Yogurt pots

cocoa tub

old wrapping paper

wooden skewer

old pyjamas

used metalic party balloon

cereal box

drinks can