A Space Fortress to have fun with all our space toys and mini figures

Everybody wants a Space Fortress even though they may not know it yet. It's a home for all the space toys we've got like astronaut mini-figures, space ships, flying saucers and stuff like that. It's junk modelling on an epic scale - but it's still pretty simple to make. Most of it is just cut up cardboard boxes. The other things are usual junk and anything you don't have you can have a ton of fun raiding your household junk to find your own stuff.

ps. we cheated and drew the laser beams on!


Made with a JUNKO Build Kit


Cardboard boxes

Cereal box

Drinking Straw / pen refill

Yogurt Pots

Juice Cartons

Clear plastic tubs, pots & tubes

Tube of sweets

Foil from easter eggs