Junk Sub from the J-Heroes 'Plastic Peril' comic

We reckon Zeta, Bort and Blink (the J-Heroes from our comics which come with the kits) would be proud of this junk model. We used a 6 pint milk bottle which we held into the Zoomer! Kit with elastic bands. We put acrylic paint inside the bottle and shook it around, then painted some acrylic silver paint on the outside. The fins are just cereal packets cut up and painted. We drew all the lines for the panels and rivets on with a standard permanent marker... easy!

This one speeds down the bath a treat, we even turned the lights off (with adults in the room) to see the glow in the dark floats in action... pretty darned cool it was too.

Made using the JUNKO Zoomer! Kit and a Water! Kit add-on.

Video coming soon.


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6 pint milk bottle

cereal packet

2 yoghurt pots



You can use different stuff - but always check with an adult that whatever you use is ok