H.M.S Aye Aye Captain - junk toy ship made from juice cartons

This is a very silly ship indeed. We joined two big juice cartons together. Then we used a couple of boxes, cut the fronts off so they sloped and put new fronts on using J-Fix Corners. Then the junk modelling fun really began as we painted them all in looney swirling colours. The eyes were easy, just card discs with eyes drawn on in marker.

This model is long so we could use the Water! Kit extra band extenders and long bands so it goes the length of our 2.5 metre paddling pool. You could of course make a smaller boat to fit in your bath.

Made using the Junko Zoomer! Kit and a Water! Kit add-on.

Video coming soon.


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2 Big juice cartons joined together

Small boxes

Cereal packet

2 toilet rolls


You can use different stuff - but always check with an adult that whatever you use is ok