A pirate ship made from card... how can that be?

It can be because we used a JUNKO Zoomer! Kit with the Water! Add-on.  It all worked pretty well, except when we left the boat alone in the pool the wind blew it over and it got soggy. But it all dried up in the sun. You could use a couple of juice cartons joined together, instead of a shoe box,  as they're more on the waterproof side!

The boys had great fun making little cardboard pirate figures and a parrot.

We also used this trick with the rubber bands to make the boat go miles further!

Made using the JUNKO Zoomer! Kit and a Water! Kit add-on.

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Shoe box ( 2 big juice cartons might be better though!)

Cereal bag (for the sail)

Cereal box

Card tube for the mast

Bamboo stick (to hang the sail off)

little yogurt pots (inside the box which the deck rests on)