Epic Cereal Box Creations book/toy

Bumper Packed Ideas Book - includes 30 Magic Corners

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This big colourful craft book is jam-packed with toy and art ideas and includes a box with 30 of our reusable Magic Corners! Magic Corners help kids build without using messy & wasteful glue or sticky tape... and they're made from Recycled Plastic like all JUNKO.

Make awesome stuff like : a dinosaur, dolls’ furniture, crazy cars, a vampire bat, a space helmet, a house, seasonal decorations, paper darts and even a unicorn… It’s so simple just grab a cereal box, a pencil and a pair of scissors...

When they're done playing, just recycle the card and reuse the Magic Corners to make the next creation.

We're a family business and all of us (Pete & Beth and our kids Bella, Hector and Orson) had a hand inventing and making the toys you see. JUNKO is great fun for the generations to play and learn together.

We make magic corners from recycled plastic as there are millions of tonnes of it which either need to be used or it will be incinerated or end up in landfill. The book is printed on FSC paper and no plastic laminates have been used so it can all be recycled. The binding is metal.

and... fear not - if you need some extra Magic Corners, we've got you covered... You can buy a Box here

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